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- History Of The Mackenzies - 96/115 -

I. JOHN MACKENZIE, was the first of the family who possessed Ord and was designed thereof, though it was previously held in tack by his father. John was locally called "Ian Dubh a Ghiuthais," or Black John of the Fir. He obtained a charter from Kenneth, XIIth Baron and first Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, of the lands and mill of Ord, and the half of Corrievoulzie and Strathvaich, dated 23rd July, 1607, and on the 15th of September, 1637, George second Earl of Seaforth granted him a regular free charter of the whole.

John married Isobel, daughter of Alexander Cuthbert of Drakies, by his wife Christian Dunbar, who long survived him, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. Thomas, from whom the Mackenzies of Highfield.

3. James, who married a daughter of the Rev. Farquhar Clark. He is cautioner, with his brother Kenneth of Ord, for Thomas Mackenzie, III. of Inverlael, from which he is discharged on the 18th of May, 1659. He is witness to the registration of the marriage contract of his brother John, at Inverness, on the 20th of February, 1666.

4. George, who married, first, a natural daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, V. of Gairloch, and secondly, Janet, daughter of the Rev. Mr Linen, minister of Fairnly, with issue - one son, Alexander, who joined the Darien expedition, and afterwards settled and married in Jamaica, where his posterity still flourish.

5. A daughter, who married Mackenzie of Tarradale.

6. Annabella, who in 1650 married Alexander Mackenzie, VI. of Hilton.

7. Janet, who, in 1652 married Alexander Cam, fourth son of Alexander Mackenzie, V. of Gairloch, with issue - Roderick and Alexander, Mic Alastair Chaim, the author's ancestors. Two daughters married respectively a son of the Rev. John Clark, minister of Lochalsh, and Murdo Mackenzie Mhic Mhurchaidh.

John witnessed the burning of the Church of Killichrist by the Macdonalds of Glengarry in 1602. He died before the 1st of December, 1644, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. CAPTAIN JOHN MACKENZIE, second of Ord. He fought under Montrose against the Covenanters, and was in consequence summoned to appear before the Presbytery of Dingwall on the 5th of March, 1650, as a Malignant. He confessed to have been at the head of a Company at Balvenny, professed his grief and desired to be received to the Covenant and public satisfaction.

He was ultimately ordained on the 19th of November, 1650, "to make his repentance to James Graham's unnatural rebellion, the unlawful engagements, and the late insurrection in the North, in the kirk of Dingwall, in his own habits, the next Sabbath, and to be received, and to subscribe the Declaration." On the 13th of October, 1653, he is appointed to take charge of the Earl of Seaforth's forest of Fannich, for which he is to receive a certain number of boils victual yearly. On the 22nd of April, 1655, he is tried by Court Martial in Edinburgh, for plundering the lands of Fowlis on the 9th of November preceding, found guilty, and sentenced to repair the damage to the extent proved, out of his lands of Ord, and to be committed to prison until the General's pleasure should be known thereon.

He married Magdalen, daughter of William Fraser of Culbokie (marriage contract 21st July, 1633; tocher 2500 merks Scots) with issue -

1. Thomas, his heir and successor,

2. Kenneth, who is witness to a bond, dated 27th of April, 1724, by Thomas Mackenzie of Ord, and his eldest son, Alexander, in favour of John Mackenzie of Highfield. He married, in 1702, Elizabeth, daughter of Assynt, with issue - one son, Kenneth.

3. Annabella, who married on the 28th of April, 1698, Charles Maclean, Brae.

4. Helen, who married on the 25th of April, 1700, James Murray, Culloden.

5. Janet, who married Donald Macdonald, South Uist (marriage contract 1711).

6. Florence, married Kenneth Mackenzie, Kenlochewe.

Captain John died before the 19th of February, 1686, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. THOMAS MACKENZIE, third of Ord. On the 6th and 8th of March, 1697, he redeemed the wadset of Corrievoulzie, duly and lawfully premonishing and warning John Mackenzie, indweller in Wester Kessock, and Margaret Maclean, his spouse, to repair to the Tolbooth of Fortrose, commonly called the Charter house, on the 15th of May next, and there any time betwixt the sun rising and the down passing of the same, to receive from Thomas Mackenzie of Ord, or any other in his name, the sum of fifty thousand merks Scots, whole and together in one sum, all copper and lay-money excepted, and upon receipt thereof to deliver up the Wadset of Corrievoulzie, etc., to him. On the 23rd of August, 1716, he entered into an obligation with Kenneth Bayne of Tulloch and John Mackenzie of Highfield, by which, upon their satisfying Colin Graham of Drynie for a debt contracted between that gentleman and Ord, the latter is to make an ample disposition to them and their heirs, of all his lands lying within the Sheriffdom of Ross, with reversion always, during all the days of his life, of the sum of one hundred and twenty merks Scots, five bolls of bear, five bolls of malt, five bolls of oatmeal, five bolls of bear meal yearly, out of the rents of said lands and it was specially provided that as soon as the sum of four thousand merks Scots was paid by Kenneth Bayne and John Mackenzie, they should be obliged to give the said Thomas Mackenzie one chaldron of victual, or one hundred merks Scots yearly, over and above the reservation above-mentioned.

He married Mary, daughter of John Mackenzie, II. of Applecross. with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. Magdalen, who married William Mackenzie, son of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Coul (marriage contract 18th July 1716).

He was succeeded by his only son,

IV. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, fourth of Ord, who before the 29th of June, 1723, married Jean, daughter of John Mackenzie, II. of Highfield, with issue -

1. Thomas, his heir and successor.

He died before the 10th of October, 1748, and was succeeded by his only son,

V. THOMAS MACKENZIE, fifth of Ord. He was educated at Fortrose, and married Ann, youngest daughter of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, first Baronet and IV. of Scatwell (marriage contract 15th of June, 1730). She had a jointure, in case of her surviving him, of five chalders of victual rent, and three hundred merks Scots yearly, namely, three chalders of victual out of the lands of Broomhill, Ballavulaich, and Milltown of Ord, two chalders of the first and readiest of the rents of the Mill of Ord, and three hundred merks out of the lands of Corrievoulzie, Strathvaich, Stronchondrum, and Bruthach-nam-Bo. By her he had issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. Elizabeth, who married Alexander, only son of George Gillanders of Highfield, Chamberlain to Kenneth, Earl of Seaforth (marriage contract 17th April, 1777), with issue.

3. Abigail, who married George Mackenzie, IV. of Dundonnel, with issue.

Thomas died in 1803, and was succeeded by his only son,

VI. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, sixth of Ord, who, during his father's lifetime, was, by deed of settlement of Katharine Bethune and Alexander Macdonald, her husband, dated 3rd December, 1785, appointed sole executor to Macdonald's only child Kenneth, whom failing, the said Alexander Mackenzie, younger of Ord, to be sole heir, "and this as a token of gratitude to the worthy family of Ord." Alexander married Helen, daughter of Neil Macinnes, Collector of Taxes, Aberdeen, with issue -

1. John, who died before his father, unmarried.

2. Thomas, who became his heir and successor.

3. Alexander, Captain in the 25th Regiment, Native Infantry, H.E.I.C.S., who married Hannah Fraser, daughter of James Fraser of Belladrum, with issue - (1) Alexander, H.E.I.C.S., who married a daughter of Colonel Birch, with issue - four sons and four daughters; (2) Charles-Archdale, in the Army, and three daughters, Helen, Emilia, and Anna. He died in India on the 15th of June, 1837.

4. Anne, who married her cousin, Thomas Mackenzie, VI. and last of the Old Mackenzies of Dundonnel.

5. Margaret, who married John Maclean, Granada, with issue - an only daughter, Helen.

6. and 7. Eliza and Helen, both of whom died unmarried.

Alexander died in 1820 and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

VII. THOMAS MACKENZIE, seventh of Ord, Vice-Lieutenant of the County of Ross. He was born in December 1797, and married, on the 27th of April, 1825, Anna Watson, second daughter of James Fowler of Raddery, and Grange in Jamaica, with issue - an only son, who in 1880, succeeded his father as

VIII. ALEXANDER WATSON MACKENZIE, eighth of Ord. He was born on the 31st of August, 1827, and was a Captain in the 91st Regiment. He married on the 10th of June, 1857, Angel-Babington, daughter of the Rev. Benjamin Peile, of Hatfield, Herts, with issue -

1. Thomas Arthur, born on the 17th of September, 1859, Captain 79th Cameron Highlanders. He first joined the 42nd Regiment but

History Of The Mackenzies - 96/115

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