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- History Of The Mackenzies - 93/115 -

T. Biddulph of Earie, Shoulhaven, N.S.W., with issue - Hugh, Bella, and Mary.


THIS family is also descended from Roderick Mor Mackenzie, I. of Achilty, by a daughter of William Dubh Macleod, VII. of Harris, by whom he had a natural son,

I. MURDOCH MACKENZIE, first of Fairburn, who was granted letters of legitimation by James V., dated 1st of July, 1539. On the 16th of March, 1541, there are also letters of legitimation in favour of "Alexandro Mackenze seniori, Joanni juniori, et Roderico bastardis filus naturalibus, quondam Roderici Mackenze." Murdo for some time lived at Court and was a Gentleman of the Bedchamber to James V. He obtained a charter for his lands, dated 1st of April, 1542, afterwards confirmed by Queen Mary in 1343. He married, first, Margaret, daughter of Urquhart, Sheriff of Cromarty, with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. John, I. of Tolly, minister of Dingwall, who married Margaret, daughter of Ballindalloch, with issue, among others - Murdoch, II. of Tolly, who married Catherine, daughter of James Innes of Inverbreakie, with issue.

3. Annabella, who married, first, Thomas Mackenzie of Lochluichart and Ord, with issue; and secondly, Alexander Mackenzie, progenitor of Coul, also with issue.

4. A daughter, who married Ross of Priesthill. Murdoch married, secondly, a daughter of Rory MacFarquhar Maclean, with issue -

5. Roderick, of Knockbaxter, from whom the Mackenzies of Kernsary, of whom presently.

6. John, I. of Corry, who married a daughter of Donald Clark, with issue - three sons and four daughters.

7. Hector, Chamberlain of Lochcarron.

8. Isabel, who, as his second wife, married John Roy Mackenzie, IV. of Gairloch, with issue.

9. A daughter, who married Donald Glas Macdonald.

10. Mary, who married Wyland Chisholm, Kinkell, with issue - Agnes, who married her cousin, Hector Mackenzie, IV. of Fairburn, with issue.

Murdoch died in 1590, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, second of Fairburn, who married a daughter of Walter Innes of Inverbreakie, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. Hector, who succeeded his brother John in Fairburn.

3. Isobel, who married John Mackenzie, eldest son of John Roy, IV. of Gairloch, who died in 1601, before his father, without male issue. She married, secondly, Bayne of Tulloch.

4. A daughter, who married Murdo Mackenzie, II. of Kensary, with issue - a daughter.

Alexander was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Fairburn, who married Janet, daughter of Torquil Macleod of Coigeach, without male issue, but by her he had four daughters who married - the eldest, Murdo Mackenzie of Sand; Agnes, first, Murdo MacCulloch of Park, and secondly, Roderick Mackenzie, II. of Corry; Isobel, John Mackenzie of Pitlundie; and Annabella, Roderick Mackenzie, Ardlair; the last three being heirs portioners. He has a sasine of Monar in 1620. He died in 1645, and was succeeded by his next brother,

IV. HECTOR MACKENZIE, fourth of Fairburn, who married, first, his cousin Agnes, daughter of Wyland Chisholm, Kinkell, with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir, who succeeded; and five daughters, who married respectively, Roderick, son of Bayne of Tulloch, and secondly, Angus, third son of Alexander Mackenzie, V. of Gairloch, by Isobel Mackenzie of Coul another married Kenneth Mackenzie, I. of Davochcairn, and, secondly, Murdoch Mackenzie, V. of Achilty; the third married the Rev. Alexander Mackenzie, minister of Lochcarron; the fourth, Roderick, second son of Colin Mackenzie, I. of Kincraig the fifth, the Rev. Alexander, third son of the Rev. John Mackenzie of Tolly, by his second marriage with a daughter of Thomas Fraser of Struy.

Hector married, secondly, a natural daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Kilcoy, with issue - two sons and three daughters.

Hector was succeeded by his only son, by his first wife,

V. RODERICK MACKENZIE, fifth of Fairburn, who first married a daughter of Patrick Grant of Glenmoriston, with issue - Mary, who married as his second wife, Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Ballone, with issue. He married, secondly, in 1663, Margaret, daughter of Donald Mackenzie, III. of Loggie, with issue -

1. Murdoch, his heir and successor.

2. John, of Bishop-Kinkell, who was married twice, with issue - three sons and two daughters.

3. Colin, who died without issue.

4. Donald, married, with issue - a son Murdoch.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. MURDOCH MACKENZIE, sixth of Fairburn, who in 1673 married Isobel, daughter of the Hon. Simon Mackenzie of Lochslinn, with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Kenneth, who died unmarried in 1731.

3. George; and 4. James, both unmarried.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

VII. RODERICK MACKENZIE, seventh of Fairburn, who in 1712 married Winniewood, daughter of William Mackintosh, Younger of Borlum, with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. Kenneth, who married Ann MacRae, with issue.

3. Colin, of whom nothing is known.

4. Helen, who married John, eldest son of Colin, IX. of Hilton, who died before his father in 1751, without issue.

Roderick was succeeded by his eldest son,

VIII. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, eighth of Fairburn, to whom the estates, which had been forfeited in 1715, were restored in 1731. He married Jean, eldest daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, VIII. of Davochmaluag, with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Kenneth, Lieutenant 21st Regiment, who was killed under General Burgoyne at Saratoga, unmarried, in September 1777.

Alexander was succeeded by his eldest son,

IX. RODERICK MACKENZIE, ninth of Fairburn, who in 1768 married Catharine, daughter of William Baillie of Rosehall, with issue -

1. Alexander, his heir and successor.

2. William, who died without issue.

3. Mary, who married James Massey, without issue. She married secondly, Colonel Robert Murray Macgrigor, with issue - Janetta Catharine, who married, first, Robert Sutherland, and secondly, Lieutenant Hull and Barbara, who married Richard Hort, Royal Horse Guards Blue, with issue.

4. Barbara, who married, first, Kenneth Murchison of Tarradale, with issue - the late Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, President of the Royal Geographical Society, who married a daughter of General Hugonin, without issue; and the Hon. Kenneth Murchison.

Roderick was succeeded by his eldest son,

X. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, tenth of Fairburn, Major-General in the Army. He was created a Baronet. He died unmarried, the last direct heir male of the family, and was buried in the St. Clement's aisle of the old Church of Dingwall.


THIS family is descended from the Mackenzies of Fair-burn, the last of the male line of the original Kernsary Mackenzies having, as already shown, been killed at the battle of Auldearn in 1645, when his sister carried the lineal representation of that family to the Mackenzies of Sand.

The descent of the second family is as follows - Murdoch Mackenzie, I. of Fairburn, married as his second wife Mary, daughter of Roderick MacFarquhar Maclean, with issue along with two other sons and daughters -

RODERICK MACKENZIE of Knockbaxter, in the vicinity of Dingwall. He married Aegidia, daughter of Bayne of Tulloch (sasine 1636), with issue - (1) the Rev. Murdoch Mackenzie, who married a daughter of MacCulloch of Park; (2) Kenneth, who married a daughter of the Rev. John Mackenzie, Cromarty; and (3)-

I. THE REV. RODERICK MACKENZIE, who was minister of Gairloch

History Of The Mackenzies - 93/115

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