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- History Of The Mackenzies - 92/115 -

4. William, Episcopal minister of Rosskeen, who married a daughter of Fraser of Belladrum. He was admitted minister of Rosskeen before the 9th of August, 1665, and he died on the 14th of March, 1714. He had a son described in 1709 as "John, his eldest son." He also had a son called "Black Colin," who had the farm of Achintoul in Rosskeen, and who married, with issue--(1) Alexander, who married Lilias Mackenzie, daughter of Colin Mackenzie, II. of Kincraig, with issue - a daughter, who married, first, Alexander Ellison, and secondly, Alexander Aird; (2) George, who married a daughter of Gordon of Embo, with issue - Colin; John; and three daughters, Mary, Nelly, and Margaret, who died at Invergordon 45 to 50 years ago, and "were as primitive in their appearance and dress as if they had come out of Noah's ark." The Rev. William had also three daughters, who married respectively the Rev. Allan Clark, minister of Glenelg; the Rev. Duncan MacCulloch, minister of Urquhart, and Andrew Fraser, Chamberlain of Ferrintosh.

Murdoch died in 1655, was buried at Dingwall, and succeeded by his second and eldest surviving son,

I. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, first of Dundonnel. He bought the lands of Ardross during his father's lifetime, in 1644, formerly the property of Ross of Tolly, and sold the lands of Pitglassie and Kildin. He was served heir in 1662. He married Janet, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, V. of Gairloch, with issue -

1. Murdoch, his heir and successor.

2. Kenneth, in Ulladale, who had a son Alexander, retoured as heir general in 1715.

3. Hector, apprenticed to learn chirurgery in 1682.

4. William, who in 1681, married Christian, daughter of Colin Mackenzie, II. of Kincraig.

5. Alexander.

6. Roderick, of whom nothing is known.

7. Isobella, who in 1678 married, as his second wife, Alexander Mackenzie of Inchcoulter, brother-german to Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh.

He died in 1674, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. MURDOCH MACKENZIE, second of Dundonnel, who married a daughter of Grant of Elchies, Strathspey, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. Another son, who died in 1761.

3. Murdoch, tacksman of Clynes in 1745.

4. Rory.

5. Anne.

6. Margaret, who in 1709 married Gregor, heir of Robert Grant of Gartenmor.

He was buried at Rosskeen, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Dundonnel, who married Helen, daughter of T. Erskine of Pittoderie, celebrated for her beauty, with issue--

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Murdoch, who succeeded as V. of Ardross.

3. Margaret, who married James Muir of Stonywood, with issue.

4. Rachael, or Barbara, who married George Paton, of Grandholm, with issue.

5. Jean, and several others - in all a family of fifteen. He was buried at Rosskeen, and succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. RODERICK MACKENZIE, fourth of Dundonnel, who died without issue, and was succeeded by his eldest brother,

V. MURDOCH MACKENZIE, fifth of Dundonnel, who in 1743, married Bathia, daughter of John Paton of Grandholm. In his time was concluded before Lord Mansfield in the House of Lords, a law-suit which existed for four generations between his family and the Rosses of Achnacloich or Tolly, regarding the validity of the sale of the property to Alexander, second of the family, a litigation which ruined the Rosses and involved the Mackenzies of Ardross deeply in debt. He died, and was buried at Rosskeen, having had issue, an only daughter, who succeeded to the property as sixth of Dundonnel,

VI. MARGARET MACKENZIE, who in 1768 married James Munro of Teaninich, Captain R.N., with issue -

1. Hugh Munro, Captain in the 78th Regiment, who succeeded to the estate of Teaninich, and in 1846 died unmarried.

2. Murdoch, who resumed the name of Mackenzie, and succeeded his mother in Ardross and Dundonnel.

3. Colonel Hector, who died unmarried in 1827.

4. Major-General John Munro, H.E.I.C. S., who married Charlotte, daughter of Dr Blacker, with issue - (1) James St John, late Major 60th Rifles, who died in 1818, was married, and left issue - Maxwell, Lieutenant 48th Regiment, and others; (2) John; (3) Stuart Caradoc Munro, now of Teaninich; (4) Maxwell William; and (5) Charlotte, who, in 1834, married the Hon. George A. Spencer, with issue.

5. Catherine, who married Thomas Warrand of Warrandfield, Inverness, with issue - Robert, Major in the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons; three other sons and a daughter, all of whom died young.

6. Bathia; and 7. Alexina, both of whom died young.

Margaret, whose husband died in 1845, was buried at Ardross, and succeeded by her second son,

VII. MURDO MUNRO-MACKENZIE, seventh of Dundonnel, retoured in 1795. He sold Ardross to the Duke of Sutherland, and, in 1834, purchased Dundonnel from Thomas Mackenzie, VI. of the old family of Dundonnel. By the death of his elder brother, Hugh, without issue, Murdo became the head of the family of Munro of Teaninich. In 1838 he purchased the detached portions of the Cromarty estates, including the forest of Fannich. He married Christina, daughter of Robert Ross, Strathcullanach, Balnagown, with issue -

1. Hugh, who, in 1813, died young.

2. John, who died before his father in 1815.

3. Hugh, who succeeded his father.

4. Kenneth, who succeeded his brother Hugh.

5. Robert, Lieutenant-Colonel H.E.I.C.S., residing in Brisbane, Queensland, married, with issue.

6. James, who died unmarried.

7. Murdo, who died unmarried.

8. Mary, who married Major-General Francis Archibald Reid, C.B., with issue.

9. Helen, who married Simon Mackenzie-Ross of Aldie, without issue.

Murdo died at Dundonnel, was buried there, and succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

VIII. HUGH MUNRO-MACKENZIE, who spent his whole time in beautifying, improving, and increasing his estates, upon which he constantly resided. He died unmarried, on the 30th of July, 1869, leaving his fee-simple estates of Mungasdale, Gruinard, and Strath-na-Sealg, to an illegitimate daughter, who afterwards married Mr Catton.

He was buried at Dundonnel, and succeeded by his brother, IX. KENNETH MUNRO-MACKENZIE, who was trained to the medical profession, qualified in Edinburgh, and afterwards practised successively in Dublin, London, France, and Italy, and eventually emigrated to New South Wales, from which he returned in 1870 after thirty-four years - having established the members of his family in good positions there - to his native county, to take possession of his late brother's property. But this he only succeeded in doing after many years of expensive litigation carried on against him by his brother's natural daughter, Mrs Catton, who attempted to overthrow the family settlements and obtain possession of all the estates for herself. She, however, only succeeded in ruining her own property, which had to be old to pay the lawyers.

He married, in 1838, Julia Smith, relict of Captain Edmund Harrison Cliffe, of Sydney, New South Wales, with issue -

1. Murdo, his heir, who, born in 1843, accompanied his father from Australia and afterwards succeeded to the property.

2. Hugh, of Bundanon, Shoulhaven, N.S.W., now of Dundonnel.

3. Helen, who, in 1870, married John Robinson of Shoulhaven, N.S.W., with issue.

4. Mary, who in 1860 married James Thomson of Burner, Shoulhaven, N.S.W., with issue.

5. Julia Anna, who married, in 1867, the Rev. Robert Spier Willis, M.A., of the Church of England, Incumbent of Manly Beach, Sydney, N.S.W., with issue.

Kenneth died in 1878, was buried at Dundonnel, and succeeded by his eldest son,

X. MURDO MUNRO-MACKENZIE, tenth of Dundonnel. He died unmarried and was succeeded by his only brother,

XI. HUGH MUNRO-MACKENZIE, eleventh of Dundonnel. He resides in New South Wales. In 1876 he married Bella Mary, daughter of T.

History Of The Mackenzies - 92/115

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