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- History Of The Mackenzies - 88/115 -


7. Mary Proby, who married James Macdonell, W.S., without issue.

8. Elizabeth, who married Thomas Simpson, son of the minister of Avoch, with issue - two sons and two daughters, all dead.

9. Anne, who died unmarried.

George died in 1802 (his wife dying in 1832), and was succeeded by his eldest son,

IV. WILLIAM MACKENZIE, M.D., of the H.E.I.C.S., fourth of Pitlundie and third of Culbo. He married Margaret (who died in 1841), daughter of Thomas Allan, with issue -

1. George Kenneth, who died young.

2. William Ord, M.D., Deputy-Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, who became his father's heir.

3. Thomas Allan, Major 3d Light Cavalry, Bombay, who married Clara, daughter of J. Birdwood, judge, Bombay Civil Service, with issue - William, who died unmarried; and Allan Stanley, who died young. He died in 1856.

4. Duncan Proby, who married Cecilia Margaret, daughter of William Dudgeon, Edinburgh, with issue - three sons and four daughters. He died in 1884.

5. George Richard, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Scott, W.S., Edinburgh.

6. Robert Cleghorn, who married Ellen Maria, daughter of Colonel Flexman, Tasmania with issue - two daughters. He died in 1866.

7. Agnes Helen, who married Charles Garstin, of the Bengal Civil Service with issue - William Edmund, Under Secretary for State at Cairo, who married Mary Isabel North, London; Alfred Allan, Lieutenant-Colonel 77th Regiment; Helen Julia; Alice Margaret; and Mary Annette, who married the Rev. Gordon Crowdy, Sherfield Rectory, Basingstoke. Agnes Helen died in 1871.

8. Margaret Anne, who died young.

William sold the estate of Pitlundie in 1805 to Graham of Drynie.

He died in 1866, and was succeeded in Culbo by his eldest surviving son,

V. WILLIAM ORD MACKENZIE, now of Culbo, M.D., Deputy-Inspector-General of Army Hospitals. He married Mary Susan, daughter of the late Henry Holmes, London, with issue -

1. Montague Allan-Ord, who married Frances Gordon, daughter of the Rev. James Rennie, Glasgow.

2. William Henry Allan-Ord, who married Constance Jane, daughter of Thomas Llewellyn, Shelton, Staffordshire.

3. Stuart Allan-Ord, who married Isabel, daughter of Edward B. Cargill, of the Cliffs, Dunedin, New Zealand.

4. Edith Allan-Holmes.

5. Gertrude Helen Allan-Holmes, who married Edwin Claud Porter Scott, of Hampstead.

6. Margaret Douglas Allan-Holmes.

7. Mary Susan Allan-Holmes, who died young.


I. RODERICK MACKENZIE, first of Flowerburn, was second son of William, III. of Belmaduthy, by his second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, IV. of Scatwell, Bart. He married Grace, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie of Inchcoulter, with issue -

II. An only daughter, second of Flowerburn, who married a Mr Kilgour. She succeeded to the estate, and may be called second of Flowerburn. She had issue -

1. Roderick Kilgour, her heir.

2. Elizabeth Townsend.

She was succeeded by her only son,

III. RODERICK KILGOUR-MACKENZIE, third of Flowerburn. He assumed the name of Mackenzie. He married Anne, second daughter of John Grant of Glenmoriston, and died in 1812, leaving an only son,

IV. RODERICK MACKENZIE, fourth of Flowerburn, who married Harriet, daughter of Colonel Grogan of Seafield, County of Dublin, with issue -

1. Roderick Grogan, his heir and successor.

2. Elma, who married Major John Macdonald Smith, Madras Staff Corps, with issue.

3. Georgina Adelaide, who married Major Roderick Mackenzie, VIII. of Kincraig, and died in 1889.

He was succeeded on his death in 1848, by his only son,

V. RODERICK GROGAN MACKENZIE, fifth of Flowerburn.

He was born in 1844, was a Cornet in the 16th Lancers, and for many years afterwards an officer in the Highland Rifle (Ross-shire) Militia, in which, at his death he held the rank of Colonel. He married on the 22nd of February, 1872, Eva Mary Marjory Erskine, third daughter of Sir Evan Mackenzie of Kilcoy, Baronet, with issue - Eva Georgina Lillie, and Alice Maude Harriet. He died on the 13th of October, 1892, and was succeeded as representative of the family by his eldest daughter,

VI. EVA GEORGINA LILLIE MACKENZIE, who came of age in 1893.


THIS family is descended from Alastair Roy Mackenzie, a natural son of John Glassich Mackenzie, II. of Gairloch.

ALEXANDER ROY MACKENZIE married a daughter of John Roy MacRory, with issue, among several others, a son, John Mackenzie, who resided at Coirre-Mhic-Cromaill in Torridon, and a daughter Anne, called in Gaelic "Anna bheag nam mac mora," who married John Matheson of Fernaig, with issue - John Mor Matheson, who succeeded who succeeded his father there and afterwards purchased Bennetsfield in the Black Isle, County of Ross.

JOHN MACKENZIE, son of Alastair Roy, married first, a daughter of Hector Cam, natural son of Hector Roy, I. of Gairloch, with issue -

1. Duncan "Mac Ean Mhic Allister," who married Helen, daughter of Hector, son of Kenneth of Meikle Allan, son of Hector Roy, apparently without issue.

2. Murdoch, progenitor of this family.

3. Alexander, who settled in Strathnaver, Sutherlandshire, with issue - one son, the Rev. Hector Mackenzie, A.M., who was ordained minister of Kingussie on the 30th of November, 1670, and remained there until 1688, when he was translated to Inverness, and is said to have been the last Episcopalian minister who officiated as parish minister there. He was married and had issue - four sons, the Rev. James and Alexander, both ministers in Edinburgh; James of Drumshiuch, M.D., and Fellow of the College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He practised in Worcester for many years with great reputation and success. He was elected Physician to the Infirmary of that town in 1745, which once he held until he retired from his profession in 1750. He then settled in Kidderminster, where he was living in 1751. He was author of a medical work of high repute in its day - "The History of Health and the Art of Preserving It," first published in Edinburgh in 1758, followed by new editions in 1759 and 1760. He also wrote a volume of "Devout Meditations" issued shortly before his death, in Scotland, so far as known, without issue, and probably unmarried; also William, who was a schoolmaster in Cromarty, afterwards lost on the Coast of Guinea.

4. Roderick "Mac Ean Mhic Allister," who lived in Lochbroom and married a daughter of John Maciver there, with issue - one son.

5. Donald "Mor Mac Ean Mhic Allister," who died without issue.

6. John "Gearr Mac Ean Mhic Allister," unmarried at the date of the Applecross manuscript in 1669. John married, secondly, his first cousin, a daughter of Hector Mackenzie, by an Assynt lady, eldest son of Kenneth Mackenzie, first of Meikle Allan, now Allangrange, second lawful son of Hector Roy Mackenzie, progenitor of the family of Gairloch, with issue -

7. Hector "Mac Ean Mhic Allister." He married a daughter of Hector Mackenzie of Mellan, with issue - one son. He married, thirdly, a daughter of William Mackenzie of Shieldaig, with issue -

8. Donald "Og Mac Ean Mhic Allister," who was killed in the Scots Army in England in 1645.

John was succeeded as representative of the family by his second son,

I. MURDOCH MACKENZIE, who was born in 1600, and educated for the ministry. Referring to this Murdoch's cousin, John Mor Matheson of Fernaig and subsequently of Bennetsfield, the author of the "Iomaire" manuscript says, that John "was taken up" by the Bishop of Moray, who resided at Kinkell (hence no doubt Bishop-Kinkell, the name by which the place has since been known). The Bishop "kept him for some time at school and gave him 500 merks Scots to traffic therewith. After following the mercantile line for some time, in which he was very successful, he began cattle dealing, by which he became master of a good deal of money." John, in consequence cut out a career for himself. His cousin, the Bishop, pointed out to him the great source of wealth which might open to

History Of The Mackenzies - 88/115

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