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- History Of The Mackenzies - 80/115 -

Highlanders, and of whose family and descendants presently.

3. Lilias, who married William Mackenzie, IV. of Gruinard (sasine 1742), with issue - four sons and three daughters.

4. Christina, who married William Mac Iver of Tournaig, with issue.

John Mackenzie of Lochend was Guardian or Tutor to his nephew, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, IX. and second Baronet of Gairloch, in 1728. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, who married, first, Anne, second daughter of Colin Mackenzie, I. of Mountgerald, with issue -

1. Lewis, who died before his father, unmarried.

2. John, who succeeded to the estate of Lochend.

3. Alexander, who was married, but of whom nothing further is known.

4. James, of whom there is no trace.

5. Annabella, who married John Mac Iver, Stornoway, with issue.

6. Lilias, who married Iver Mac Iver, Gress, Lewis, with issue.

He married secondly, Annabella, daughter of Sutherland of Little Torboll, with issue -

7. Lewis, of whom nothing is known.

8. Elizabeth, who married a Mr Mackenzie, with issue.

Alexander was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

III. CAPTAIN JOHN MACKENZIE, third of Lochend, who married first, a daughter of Mr Morrison, in the Lewis, with issue -

1. Anne, who married Kenneth Gardiner, Leith.

He married, secondly, a daughter of Roderick Morrison, Island of Tanera, with issue -

2. Annabella, who married Neil Morrison, Sailing Master, Royal Navy, with issue.

3. Sybella, who married Lieutenant William Ryrie, of the Royal Marines, with issue.

4. Ellen, who married John Mackenzie, Ullapool, of the Sand family, who resided in Tanera, without issue.

Captain John married, thirdly, a daughter of Collector John Reid, Stornoway, with issue--

5. Anne, who married Alexander Stewart, Chamberlain of the Lewis, and afterwards factor for the Duke of Sutherland at Scourie.

6. Alexander, who died before his father, unmarried.

7. John Reid, who succeeded to Lochend.

8. Daniel Lewis, who married Helen Mackay, widow of his cousin, Donald Macdonald, master mariner, with issue - Aeneas, unmarried, and Agnes Ann, who married Murdoch Mac Iver, a London merchant, with issue - a son, Kenneth, and three daughters, one of whom, Helen Isabella, married Donald MacIver, merchant, Currachee, India.

9. James Reid, M.D., who married his cousin, a daughter of Captain Donald Reid, of Eilean Riach, without issue.

10. Margaret, alive as late as August, 1881, unmarried.

He was succeeded as representative of the family by his eldest son,

IV. JOHN REID MACKENZIE, fourth of Lochend, who married Miss Mackenzie Morrison, daughter of Captain John Morrison, RN., and sister of Mrs Stewart, wife of the Rev. Alexander Stewart, LL.D., "Nether-Lochaber." He died in New Zealand in 1879, and his wife died in the following year, leaving issue -

1. John Alexander, his heir.

2. Daniel Lewis.

3. Agnes.

4. Kennethina.

5. Christina Mary.

He was succeeded as representative of the family by his eldest son,

V. JOHN ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, fifth of Lochend, now at the head of a large Insurance Company, in the City of New York.

COLONEL GEORGE MACKENZIE, second son of John Mackenzie, I. of Lochend, served first as an officer in Murray Keith's Highland Regiment, and was subsequently, in September 1780, appointed Major in the 78th or Seaforth Highlanders. He was on Sir David Baird's Staff in India, and was present at the storming of Seringapatam. In 1783 he was promoted to the rank of Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel. In 1791 he was killed near Inverness, by the upsetting of a coach in which he was a passenger. He married Christina, daughter of Captain Hector Munro of Braemore, with issue -

1. John, a Captain in the army, who married Miss Fraser, with issue - George, a Lieutenant in the 2nd or Queen's Regiment, who died, unmarried, in Madras; and Poyntz, Lieutenant 79th Cameron Highlanders, who died, unmarried, in North America, in 1843.

2. Poyntz, Paymaster 72nd Highlanders, who died unmarried, at Antigua, in the West Indies.

3. Alexander, who joined the army on the 9th of September, 1795, as Ensign in the 39th Regiment. He obtained his Lieutenancy on the 27th of February, 1796, was in June 1802 exchanged to the 60th Rifles, and on the 27th of April, 1809, promoted to a Captaincy in the 81st Regiment. During this period he saw much service in the Peninsula, and was subsequently engaged in the expedition to Flushing, for which he received the war medal with four clasps. On the 31st of October, 1811, he exchanged to the York Light Infantry, then serving in Jamaica; was placed on half-pay on the reduction of that regiment on the 19th of March, 1817; appointed to the Royal Newfoundland Companies on the formation of that corps on the 25th of July, 1824, and promoted to the rank of Major in July, 1830. He retired from the Army in 1836 and died in Canada in 1852. He married, first, Eliza, daughter of Captain John Sutherland, of Shiberscross, Sutherlandshire, with issue - (1) Mary Maxwell, who married Garland Crawford Gordon, St. John's, Newfoundland with issue. She (Mary Maxwell) died in 1852. Major Alexander married, secondly, Eliza Frances, daughter of William Brown, of Lucea, Jamaica, with issue - (2) ALEXANDER WILLIAM MACKENZIE, Lieutenant-Colonel, who joined the 1st West India Regiment as Ensign, on the 3rd of February, 1839, and obtained his Captaincy on the 1st of January, 1847. He retired from this regiment in January, 1850, but was re-appointed to the Service as Regimental Paymaster in December 1854 - a position in which he subsequently served in the 48th, 54th, 3rd West India and the 21st and 18th Regiments, until he was transferred to the Army Pay Department on the 1st of April, 1878. He was promoted to the rank of Major on the 6th of February, 1862, and to that of Lieutenant-Colonel on the 1st of October, 1882. He married, first, Selina Martha, fourth daughter of Captain William Webster late of the 1st West India and 76th Regiments, by his wife, Marie Gabrielle, daughter of Charles Parseille, M.D., of Brittany, and grand-daughter of the Countess De Mariset, with issue - (a) Alexander William Webster Mackenzie, Lieutenant in the 100th Regiment, who married Jessie Glen Rae, daughter of Captain Hector Munro, 2nd Queen's and Royal Canadian Rifles, son of Captain John Munro of the Sutherland Militia, without Issue. He died in Canada on the 16th of October, 1867, and his wife was lost at sea in September, 1870, on the passage from Canada to Britain; (b) Rowland Poyntz Mackenzie, who married Rosalie MacEwen, daughter of William Wainwright, of Trinidad, with issue - Alexander William, who went to Columbus, Ohio, United States of America, on the 5th of May, 1892, and is in the Commercial National Bank there. The daughters were Selina Margaret, who married Henneage Goldie Pasea of Strathearn Lodge, Trinidad; and Rosalie Miriam Gray. He died in Trinidad on the 22nd of May, 1877; (c) Charles William Beverley Mackenzie, late of the 71st Highland Light Infantry, Assistant Commissary General. He married Selina Janet, daughter of Alexander Gray, of Lanark, for many years a resident proprietor in Trinidad, and a member of the Legislative Council of that island, without issue. His wife died in Ireland on the 18th of October, 1880, and he died at Gibraltar on the 12th of August, 1884; (d) George Ker Mackenzie, of the Agra Bank, India, now residing in Bedford, England. He married Jamesina Greig, daughter of Hugh Fraser, a native of Kingussie, for many years a resident proprietor in Calcutta, with issue - George Fraser, who died in infancy; Hugh Fraser; Charles Fraser Alexander Fraser, who died in childhood; and Selina Fraser; (e) Evelina Gray, who married Colonel Charles Hill Jones, of the 54th Regiment, who died, without issue, on the 3rd of September, 1876, while in command of the 13th and 14th Sub-Districts at Liverpool. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander William Mackenzie's first wife died at Folkstone, on the 13th of December, 1890, and he married, secondly, Mary Jane, daughter of Thomas Crawford, coal-owner, Little Town House, Durham. (3) George John Poyntz Mackenzie, a resident proprietor, and for several years a member of the Legislative Council of Trinidad. He married Emily, daughter of a Mr Williams, of that island, with issue; (4) Innes Munro Mackenzie, who died in infancy; (5) Innes Munro Mackenzie, who married Sarah Nicholson, Lewes, Sussex, and latterly of Toronto, Canada, with issue; (6) Wemyss Erskine Sutherland Mackenzie, who married Eliza Marache, Trinidad, with issue. He died in 1872 at La Guyra, Spanish Main, South America; (7) Norman Leslie Mackenzie, who married Catherine Forsyth, Trinidad, with issue. He was drowned in the Gulf of Paria, in 1858, by the upsetting of a sailing-boat in which he was proceeding from Port of Spain to San Fernando; (8) the Rev. Garland Crawford Mackenzie, Rural Dean of Brant, Ontario, Canada, who married Helen, daughter of the Rev. Michael Boomer, Dean of Ontaria, with issue; (9) Eliza Francis Cressy, who married Henry Lord, M.D., Canada, with issue. She died in 1851; (10) Lydia, who married Henry Rowland Hanning, Danville, Canada, without issue. She died in 1857.

4. Eliza (eldest daughter of Colonel George Mackenzie), married her cousin, the distinguished Colonel Alexander Mackenzie, fourth

History Of The Mackenzies - 80/115

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