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- History Of The Mackenzies - 110/115 -

possession of his sister Mary's eldest son, James Mackenzie, IV. of Highfield. Several of Roderick's descendants are still alive, male and female - one of the latter being the widow of the late Farquhar Macrae, Strome Ferry Hotel (north side), who has had a fine family - a son and several daughters.

3. Kenneth, I. of Alduinny, who married a daughter of John Matheson of Bennetsfield, with issue.

4. John, called "Ian Og," one of the four famous Johns killed in 1715, serving under his brother Alexander, Lieutenant-Colonel of Seaforth's 1st Regiment, at Sheriffmuir. He married a daughter of the Rev. John Macrae, last Episcopalian minister of Dingwall, with issue; for which, and the issue of Kenneth of Alduinny, see Findon's Tables.

5. A daughter, who married Sir Donald Bayne of Tulloch, with issue.

6. Catherine, who married Simon Mackenzie, I. of Torridon, with issue.

7. Ann, who in 1684 married Charles Mackenzie, I. of Letterewe, with issue.

8. Mary, who married Thomas Mackenzie, III. of Ord, with issue.

9. Florence, who in 1682 married Charles Mackenzie of Cullen, third son of Colin Mackenzie, II. of Kilcoy, with issue.

John has a sasine in 1663. He purchased the Baronies of Tarradale and Rhindoun. In his grandfather's life-time he had a charter under the Great Seal, "Johanni Mackenzie de Applecross, terrarum de Lochslyne, Newton de Lochslyne, etc." He was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE, third of Applecross. He joined the Earl of Mar in 1715, and was Lieutenant-Colonel of Seaforth's 1st Regiment, for which he was attainted of high treason, and the estates forfeited to the Crown. He married, first, Anne, daughter of Alexander Fraser, Tutor of Lovat, by his wife Sibella (Elizabeth), daughter of Kenneth, first Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, with issue -

1. Roderick, his heir and successor.

2. Kenneth, a merchant in Inverness, who married a daughter of Rose, Merkinch.

3. Colin, a doctor in Edinburgh, who married Miss Dunbar of Linkwood.

4. Sibella, who in 1697 married the Hon. John Mackenzie of Assynt, second son of Kenneth Mor, third Earl of Seaforth, with issue - Kenneth, who married Frances, his cousin, daughter of Colonel Alexander, without issue.

5. Anne, who in 1707 married first Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Kinachulladrum, with issue - Anne, his only child in life in 1766; secondly, John MacRae, of Dornie and, thirdly, Colin Mackenzie of the Gruinard family, a goldsmith in Inverness.

6. A daughter, who married the Rev. Archibald Macqueen, minister of Snizort, Skye.

7. Another married William Mackenzie, of Shieldaig.

8. Mary, who married Malcolm Macleod, VIII. of Raasay, with issue - his heir and others.

Alexander married, secondly, Margaret, daughter of Mackenzie, of Fairburn, with issue - one son, Simon, in the Foot Guards. He married, thirdly, in 1713, Christian, daughter of Fraser of Belladrum, with issue - a daughter, who married her cousin, Roderick Mackenzie of Achavannie son of John Og, killed at Sheriffmuir.

He was succeeded as representative of the family by his eldest son,

IV. RODERICK MACKENZIE, fourth of Applecross, who has a sasine of Kinachulladrum, of which place he is designed in 1721. In 1724 he re-purchased the estate of Applecross from the Court of Enquiry for L3550. He married, first, Anne, only daughter of Alexander Macdonell, XI. of Glengarry, by his first wife, Ann, daughter of Hugh Lord Lovat, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. Alexander, a Captain in Marjoribanks' Regiment, in the Dutch service, who died unmarried.

3. Kenneth, a watchmaker in London, died unmarried. On the 17th of August, 1737, he was entered as an apprentice to Thomas Gordon, clock and watchmaker, for six years.

4. Mary, who married James Mackenzie, III. of Highfield, whose eldest son Thomas, IV. of Highfield, inherited Applecross from his uncle John.

5. Anne, who married, first, Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Lentran; and secondly, as his second wife, Alexander Mackenzie, VIII. of Davochmaluag, with issue - an only daughter, Anne.

6. Another daughter who married the Rev. John Maclean, minister of Kintail.

Roderick married, secondly, Margaret, daughter of Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, first Baronet and IV. of Scatwell, and widow of Aeneas Macleod of Cadboll, with issue - an only daughter, Elizabeth, who married Alexander Chisholm, XXII. of Chisholm, with issue - his heir and others.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

V. JOHN MACKENZIE, fifth of Applecross, who married Anne, only daughter of Sir Colin Mackenzie, IV of Coul, without issue. He willed the estate of Applecross away from his brother Kenneth [This John, the last of this family, deprived his brother, Kenneth, of the property, and passed it in favour of Thomas Mackenzie of Highfield, his sister's son. In order to set aside the legal succession, and to prevent his brother, Kenneth, from marrying, he allowed only L80 yearly for his subsistence during his lifetime, which small allowance made it inadequate for him to rear and support a family, so that in all probability this has been the cause of making the family extinct. After this Kenneth the succession should have reverted back to Roderick Mackenzie, a descendant of Roderick, second son of John, II. of Applecross, who went to Nova Scotia in 1802, or failing the family of this Rory, next to his brother's family, Malcolm, who died a few years ago in Kishorn, and failing heirs of that family to the other descendants of John of Applecross, viz.: Kenneth of Auldinie, and John, killed at Sheriffmuir in 1715. - "MS. of the Family," written in 1828.] to the son of his Sister Mary, Thomas Mackenzie, IV. of Highfield, by whom he was succeeded as

VI. THOMAS MACKENZIE, sixth of Applecross and IV. of Highfield. In 1781 he sold the estate of Highfield to George Gillanders, Commissioner for Seaforth, and about the same time purchased Lochcarron from Sir Alexander Mackenzie of Delvine, for L10,000 sterling. It was previously bought from Seaforth by Sir Alexander for half that sum. He married Elizabeth, only daughter of Donald Mackenzie, V. of Kilcoy, with issue -

1. John, his heir and successor.

2. James, who died unmarried, in India.

3. Colin, who also died unmarried, in India.

4. Donald, a Captain in the 100th Regiment of Foot. He married Anna, daughter of James Macleod, IX. of Raasay, with issue - two sons and six daughters, John; Thomas; and Elizabeth, who died unmarried Flora Loudon, who married General Sir Alexander Lindsay, H.E.I.C.S.; Jane, who married James Thomas Macdonald of Balranald, North Uist, with issue - Alexander, now of Balranald, and others; Anne, who married Christopher Webb Smith, B.C.S.; Isabella Mary, who married Dr Lauchlan Maclean; and Maria, who married John Mackenzie, the famous piper, "Piobaire Ban," with issue.

5. Thomas, who died unmarried.

6. Jean, who died unmarried.

7. Anne, who married Kenneth Mackenzie of Inverinate, brother to Alexander Mackenzie, XI. of Hilton, with issue - Thomas, who succeeded as X. of Applecross, and others. Catherine, Mary, and Elizabeth, died unmarried.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

VII. JOHN MACKENZIE, seventh of Applecross and Lochcarron, who in 1787 married Jane, daughter of Alexander Elphinstone of Glack, Aberdeenshire, with issue -

1. Thomas, his heir and successor.

2. Elizabeth, who succeeded to Applecross; John Alexander; and Frederick, all died young.

Thomas made a new disposition of the estates by which, in consequence of a family quarrel, he cut out his only surviving brother, Captain Donald and his daughters - two sons having previously died unmarried - from the succession. The property, under this new settlement, went, first, to his son and heir, Thomas, and his issue secondly, failing these, to his daughter Elizabeth; and thirdly, failing her and her issue, to Thomas, the eldest son of his sister Anne, who, as already stated, married Kenneth Mackenzie of Inverinate, W.S.; and failing him and his issue, to the other children of the same sister.

Thomas was succeeded by his eldest and only surviving son,

VIII. THOMAS MACKENZIE, eighth of Applecross, who was for many years, and until his death in 1827, Member of Parliament for the County of Ross. He died, unmarried, and was, in terms of the abovenamed settlement, succeeded by his sister,

IX. ELIZABETH MACKENZIE, ninth of Applecross. She was in delicate health when her brother died, and continued so until her death two years after him, in 1829. She was never served heir, and, dying unmarried, she was in terms of her brother's settlement succeeded by her cousin-german,

History Of The Mackenzies - 110/115

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